2017 IAER Conference

February 16-17, 2017

"Let The Vision Persevere"


Illinois Conference Book - Word

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Illinois AER Handout - Thursday

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Illinois AER Handout - Friday

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Thursday Handouts

Behavior Support For Students Birth To 22 Who are Visually Impaired

Central Michigan University Deafblind Interverner

Are Interverner Appropriate for Student with Deaf-Blindness?

Early Intervention Providers (DTVs and DTO&Ms) Share Information from Different Perspectives

Illinois Deafblind Interverner Update

Online Training Program In Deafblindness

Approval For Interverner

Illinois Deblind Interverner Update: New Language, Tools, and Supports

Academic CVI: Supports for Curriculum Access

Activities to Stimulate Effective Growth

The Other Side of the Coin

Employment, Orientation & Mobility, and The Adult with The Recent Vision Loss

Activities to Promote Social Intereactions

Bushels of Apps

Justifying O&M Instruction in the Community

24 Books on Blindness

The Finer Points of Fine Moto Development

VRT's for TVIs: What Can You Do?

Foreign Languages With JAWS and Focus 40

Blindfold Games

Blindfold Games - White Paper

Friday Handouts

Roles of the TVI and the O&M Specialist in Collaborative Assessment

Two For the Price of One

Two for the Price of One: The Opportunity to Attend College While Receiving Vision Services

What We Wish We Knew Our First Year Teaching

Story Telling: In the Digital Age

Supportive Environments For Students With Visual Impairment and Autism

Bushels of Apps

Increasing Evidence of Student Led Tasks Related to Teacher Evaluation

Increasing Evidence of Student Led Tasks Related to Teacher Evaluation Powerpoint

Early O&M

The 1Touch Project

Get the Look

VRT for TVI's: What Can You Do?

O&M and Winter Pedestrian Travel Skills

O&M and Winter Pedestrian Travel Skills PDF